The Stacked Approach


The Stacked is an interiors and lifestyle blog based out of Chicago, IL led by Nic KJ. I want to be an inspiration for modern, lived-in interior spaces that are attainable by even the most novice of home & apartment owners. No matter the space, short-term or long-term, I want you to be in love with it! Your home is a space for YOU to be happy with, in whatever personal way that may be.

At The Stacked, I believe that your home should be a place you gush over, somewhere you’re proud to show off, and feel accomplished in the space you’ve created (and no shame in having help from your Internet friends!)

The Stacked’s method is coined The Stacked Approach; think of it as layering but for anything in your home. The styling of a bookshelf, the arrangement of furniture, the pairing of art, these are all acts of stacking elements to create one cohesive space.

Whether you’re a lover of interiors, a full-time interior designer, or someone who just spends a little too much time on Pinterest (been there, still do that!), The Stacked is for you. It’s here to be an inspiration and maybe even a motivator to craft the space you’ve only seen in magazines, all from the comfort of your own home… literally.

Welcome to The Stacked.