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Color Studies / Friday, February 22nd, 2019

One of my current favorite trends design right now has to be blush everything. (No, I won’t and never have called it “millennial pink” because what?) From fabrics to textures, vases to lighting, the soft pink hue has been showing up everywhere and I am 100% here for it.

However, this isn’t the easiest color to style with. While relatively soft, it’s on the warm side and pairs well with other warm tones for a monochromatic look or contrasting cool tones like emerald and seafoam. When talking blush, one can either go all-in or use it as an accent. In theory, I’d love an all-out space like the ones in here, but it’s not always a practical styling by any means. That’s okay! We’ll look at some spaces we could only dream of, and then how to stack the trend into your own space.

All-In VS. Subtle Touches

Of course, when it comes to any kind of styling, one can either go all-in or go with subtle touches of any particular element. While I tend to lean on the subtle approach (especially when living in a rental), I wish I had the ability to commit to something so bold. High drama spaces will always pay off, and it’s encouraged you break the rules. If you’re ready for it and have the ability to, DO IT. Paint everything pink! Blue! Go for it.

But, seriously, how can you resist this drama though?! Between the textured stucco walls and the terrazzo (another returning trend I’m loving at the moment) backsplash paired and the green-grey slate counters & floors, you really can’t go wrong. And in this restaurant space?! Come on: the blush-on-blush, gold accents, and white/gray terrazzo (again!), this space is the epitome of going all-in and paying off. Table for 2 please!

Courtesy of Studio DIY.

A more practical, but equally well-done, approach to this rose-y trend can be seen in Kelly + Jeff Mindell’s Master Bedroom. While not pink overload (not an easy color to commit to!), it has subtle hints with artwork, pillows, pottery, and accessories. These really bring this space to life and incorporate the hue.

The Stacked ProTip: Looking to bring a hint of color into your space? Try stacking various paint swatches in various sizes together to see how they look together. The more prominent a color will be in the space, the larger the swatch. It’s a great way to see a balance rather than looking at swatches of the same size!

Taking the Plunge (Or Learning to Swim In It!)

Whether you’re looking to bring yet another pink piece into the house or you’re wanting to make the jump into the trend, here’s a couple of my favorite pieces that capture the soft hue. As of writing, all of these items are in stock!

For the “I’m Already Committed, Let’s Do This.”

Are you really into blush? Do you love the soft tones and subtle romance the color brings to a space? These are for you. This couch would be perfect in a modern loft-style apartment or even a historic home looking to bring in some modern flair.

And this rug? Our living room hasn’t been shown on the blog yet, but we have this exact rug but in navy. (The florals are the same colors but on a dark navy background instead of pink.) We’re obsessed with it and have loved it since the Rifle Paper Co x Loloi Rugs collab back in November. Paired with a cream/off-white sofa and natural textures (another trend alert!) and you’ve got yourself set up for a magazine-worthy space.

The “I’m Into It, but Not That Into It.”

I feel you! It’s a strong (yet soft?) color to commit to. For those of you looking to get your feet wet into the trend, pieces that are substantial but not as grounding as say a rug or couch will do the trick. These blush place settings are the perfect hint of color while not distracting from the meals being served on them! They’re a great approach to light colored dishes without going all white if you’re not into that.

Love the color-blocked style too? This lamp from Target’s Project 62 line is not only a pop of the previous Pantone Color of the Year but also comes home with you for such a steal? We’ll take two for every room.

Courtesy of CB2

Got an outdoor space that could use from floral tones? Another hit from CB2 is this gradient blush outdoor chair that could be perfect out by the pool or on your chic city balcony. Although, in the right space, and with a fur blanket or comfy pillow, this could easily fit into a modern indoor space that takes up little visual weight but adds practical seating.

For the “Slow Down Cowboy, One Step at a Time”

Okay, okay. Needing to take it slow with bringing this color palette into your home? Not a problem! For the non-committal folks out there, there are plenty of simple and subtle options to add some color to your space without going all-in or spending a ton of cash. What if it’s not for you after all? Try something small, like this mirror (which looks much bigger than it is. It’s only 10″x12″!) The fringe is very trendy and on par with the macrame look, but adds a hint of blush without going overboard!

Artwork more your style? For some reason blush tones remind me of astrology and mystical wonders (crystals, star signs, auras, etc.) which is why I gravitated to a print that encapsulated these things. Best part about playing with artwork is that you can go as large or small as you like. This one for example comes as small as an 8×10 and as big as a 28×36 if you’re more of the committed type!

The Stacked ProTip: The best way to test a new color/color combo in your space? Fresh florals! My favorite place to stop for fresh cut flowers is Trader Joes. They carry a decent variety of florals as well as seasonal fillers which have lots of color variations. This is a cost effective way to “live” with a new color in your home without jumping into anything semi-committal!

Looking for More Color Studies?

Whew! A long one, but I think color studies are a great way to look at what’s happening trend wise. They’re also great to find ways to bring colors you may be a bit nervous about into your home as small or as large as you’re comfortable with. If you’re loving this color trend, follow it’s Pinterest board here.

What are some of your favorite colors to use in the home that you want to see a future color study on? What about blush? Into it or hate it? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time!

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