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Home Tour / Monday, February 25th, 2019

The bathroom, I’d argue is one of the most important rooms of the house when it comes to feeling comfortable in your own space. Besides the bedroom, it’s where you start and end your days, where you get ready for big events and first dates. The bathroom should feel peaceful and inviting, not dingy or dark. You can create a tranquil environment in any bathroom with just a bit of TLC!

Crafting the Perfect Bathroom

In our current apartment, we were blown away by the size of the bathroom and how despite its size, other rooms of the house weren’t compromised on their square footage. Being able to fit us both in the bathroom at the same time was a big deal to us after living in a shoebox bathroom in our last apartment (will touch on this in a second!). Our apartment was a complete gut job, so everything was brand new when we moved in; floors, cabinets, fixtures, the works. The entire design of the place was very minimal and modern which was a huge draw for us when moving. We’ve even had people tell us it reminds them of a hotel bathroom design, woo!

The one thing our bathroom lacks is built in storage. But, with the clean and modern approach, there was no medicine cabinet and only under sink storage (which is great, once it’s organized!) For every day items, I knew we wouldn’t want to keep them out on the counter. With there being two of us and having multiple products each, we found a shelf from CB2 for the large open wall across from the sink. This gave us the space for things like facial creams, lotions, razors, colognes, etc. that were in aesthetically pleasing packaging (I am a sucker for well-designed packaging) without taking up counter space and cluttering the little counter we had.

Stacking the Bathroom

Like every other room in the house, the bathroom should not be spared of stacking and styling! Whether small or large, there’s no reason to not add an art piece or two, or magazine storage to the bathroom. I opted for these simple silver frames I had to match the silver fixtures in the room and hung them stacked above the toilet next to the mirror. Be careful when hanging art in the bathroom: frame with glass or acrylic to avoid moisture damage. Also, choose inexpensive prints over canvas in case of any moisture that make seep into the frames from normal shower/bathroom usage.

The Stacked Tip: When hanging stacked art in a room, try to level the top of the highest frame with the highest architectural feature in the room. In this case, I made the top of the highest frame even with the top of the mirror hanging next to it.

Add Those Personal Touches!

When designing the room, plan your bathroom (or any room for that matter) around a color palette to keep the space grounded. One of my favorite examples of sticking to a color palette is Studio DIY’s latest home reveal of their Master Bathroom. I like to create mood boards with some of my favorite spaces, accessories, art, etc to craft a look & feel for the room. Once I move into actually purchasing pieces, I look to the board and can make easy decisions; if it doesn’t fit the board, it doesn’t come home with me! This has saved me a ton on unwanted/unusable pieces in the last few years.

Also, don’t let the bathroom stop you from putting personal touches in, you want to make the space appealing to YOU after all! I love the subtle whimsy with the rabbit ear towel hook (we’ve got a thing for subtle Disney references), and the bud vase with a couple of stems to bring some life into the room. When we’ve got company over, I’ll light a candle or two on the counter that brings that touch of relaxation. Your bathroom should feel like a retreat, for both you and your guests.

What to Do With a Less-Than-Ideal Bathroom Situation (we all have had one!)

Our last bathroom was horribly designed… and I mean horrible. It was tight (we both could barely stand in the room at the same time) and the storage was abundant but not functional at all. I actually went digging for a photo from when we lived there and of course, I didn’t take a photo of the worst room in the house. So, I went looking on our previous rental property site and found a shot that makes it look 10 times better than it was, but you’ll get the point.

Photo from previous rental company, not our actual bathroom.

This was taken with a wide angle lens to make the bathroom look significantly bigger than it is, but when you were inside this thing it was so claustrophobic even though it was all white. With such a tiny master bathroom (can you call it that if it’s the only bathroom in the house?), we thought we’d never enjoy it.

But, this doesn’t mean you can’t make a less-than-ideal bathroom a place that’s a little more homey and relaxing when you start and end your days. Touches like fresh florals, candles, and added floating shelves or storage can help create tranquil details that make you feel more at home. Putting your own stamp on a cookie-cutter home or apartment will always make the space feel more comfortable.

Your Perfect Bathroom

While you’re looking through the rest of the shots from the bathroom, what are some of your favorite personal touches in your own bathroom? I’d love to hear about them! As always, I’ll source below, but if there’s something I miss that you’re dying to have, let me know!

Until next time!

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