The Shelf, Stacked: March Edition

Interiors / Monday, March 4th, 2019

Welcome to another new series on The Stacked called “The Shelf, Stacked”! If you missed an earlier post, I showed off our small but purposed entryway recently and it featured this wonderfully minimal and functional bookshelf from CB2. Given that this is one of… actually, the only display storage in the house, I like to switch things up and rotate our bookshelf styling every month or so with a different theme/color scheme!

It’s Already March?!

As March is already here, it means it’s time to switch up the shelf stacking! Coinciding with an upcoming Color Study (check out the first one, blush, here), we’re going green this month. I went with golds, grays, and oranges as accents as well to hint a bit at St. Patrick’s Day but nothing over the top. (Peep that golden horseshoe though!)

When it comes to stacking a space by color, or with a color scheme, it’s best to stick to a mood board. I’ll say this time and time again, but a mood board helps tremendously when it comes to styling a space with personal affects. We have SO many trinkets, figures, books, etc. that it can feel easy to add something to the display that doesn’t quite fit the scheme. With a mood board, I’m able to determine if something truly fits; if it doesn’t match the board, it doesn’t go on that month’s display! Simple.

You’ll notice with March’s mood board that it features a lot of products I already have. I tend to take this approach when I’m planning a space or display with products I know I’ll be incorporating (the horseshoe for example). This isn’t the only approach to a mood board though, especially if you’re starting a space from scratch.

If you’re stacking an existing space, with large scale pieces like art, shelving, etc, throw them into your mood board. It’ll help get you in the right headspace for the process. If you’re stacking a new space, or looking for a refresh, start fresh! Don’t use products you have, and instead pull images and inspiration of what you want to see, feel, and obtain from the space in your board.

Bookshelf Styling & Stacking 101

Given that I’m constantly rearranging and styling our shelf, I tend to play around with several different layouts before settling on a final setup. Before I stack anything on the shelf though, I lay it all out on the floor and pick my pieces. Books, objects, artwork, etc. This is all important and gives you a visual lay of the land before you start adding everything to the shelf.

Trying something new? Throw it up there! The beauty of styling and stacking a shelf is that the options are endless. Everything has the potential to be on display and shine through your space. The key to a successful shelf is maintaining a balance between functional storage (you have to store things on it regardless!) and a beautiful display method. This allows you to keep some of your favorite pieces out on display while serving as a stylish storage solution at the same time!

The Case for Rotation

Have a ton of artwork? What about trinkets and art objects? Books? We’ve all got things that we’ve collected over time that are begging to be displayed. Whether you’ve got built-ins, bookshelves galore, or just one shelving piece (like me!), rotating your objects is a great way to refresh any space while giving you the opportunity to display all of your collections throughout the year.

Before I started the rotation idea, this what-to-display dilemma was a constant struggle. I felt guilty for all the things we had but couldn’t fit everything up there at once. Now I can rotate all of my favorite pieces throughout the year which keeps the space fresh and new. This also prevents the space from feeling cluttered and littered with too much stuff.

I’d love to hear the ways you pick and choose what to display! Do you rotate your shelving like I do? Or something else? The stress of showcasing all of our favorite items was a huge deal for us, but this simple solution changed the way we looked at our space and I couldn’t be happier! No matter the size of your space, the rotation method can be used in all areas of your home.

Until next time!

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