The Stacked Living Room: Plans & Ideas!

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This post is a little different this time around; that’s because there’s still a few rooms in our tiny apartment that aren’t 100% complete to my liking. The living room and bedroom are still works in progress, but we’ve made some headway on a couple key pieces. I’m also going to share some of the initial plans for the living space!

The Look & Feel

The biggest issue with the living room has been finding, and wanting to afford, the proper furniture. Our space is small, but there’s some really interesting design choices that have to be made with how we’ve laid out the space. For example, the couch sits on the same wall as the “entryway” (see that post here!). Given that the bookshelf and mirror hang on this wall, it feels weird to hang something large above the couch for a few reasons. Personally, I like to leave one wall blank in every room as it gives the eyes a place to rest.

If I leave the wall opposite of the couch blank, it would make the entire house feel lopsided with things hanging only on that large wall. So, we’ve made do with the empty space above the couch and have started going all out with a gallery feature above the TV. I’m currently thinking of using the mirror above the couch, but unsure if I want to break this “one-empty-wall” thing.

I’ve had this IKEA Kivik couch for nearly 5 years, and it’s served me very well. I bought it from a previous landlord for $100 (a STEAL) and then later on paid another ~$250 to re-cover it in grey. It works for us alright, and it’s been great when having groups of people over. But, we knew we wanted something else down the road. In the mean time, we removed the chaise and it completely opened up our space.

Couches are… ridiculous?

The cost of couches blows my mind. Not sure if it’s still the college-budget-alarms in my head (I haven’t been in college for a bit!) or what, but whew. Shopping around for couches has proven to be quite the headache to both my mind and wallet. Until a little trip to West Elm last weekend, that is! Story time.

Part one, I’ve been searching for nightstands for months and haven’t found anything that really stuck out to me. We did find some and I love them, but those will come with the bedroom tour/plans!

Part two, we found a chair that we ended up loving (here!) and as we were checking out, I got an email from West Elm that the Auburn Sofa was also on sale. (This is the same collection as the chair!) They didn’t have it in-store, but with testing the chair, I knew we liked the depth, comfort, etc. of it. Soooo, we went ahead and took the blind purchase jump (!!!!). This delivers within the next few weeks, and I’m SO excited. We used a promo they had with 25% off one item, so we got the couch and the sofa for under $800!

Things I’m Looking For

The living room is finally coming together after a long time of being content-but-not-sold with its earlier design. The gallery wall is shaping up and I’m sold on the layout and aesthetic. I still need a couple of pieces to swap out like a clock or another set of prints, but we’ll see!

Hopefully end tables for the couchare not as difficult to find as the bedroom, but I’m unsure of the overall style I want for these. We have a lot of wood in such a small space which can easily make a space feel too crowded. Because of that, I think a metal/marble combination would be a great fit here!

I’m not 100% sold on the lighting situation in the living room as of now. We’ve added an industrial copper/brass floor lamp behind the chair that I am content with, but I’m unsure. I’m also looking for a new planter for the fiddle leaf, and table lamps to go on those still-missing end tables!

A Guiding Light

It’s such a great feeling when you find a piece you absolutely love (the chair!). Once you get it into your space, it just feels right. As much as I want to rush and finish this project to show it off, taking the time to think through decisions and pick pieces that fit the best feels a lot better. Until then, you’ll find a couple other sneak peeks into the living room with some of my favorite pieces!

Do you have any projects you’re working through? I want to hear about them and all your special finds you’re planning to stack in your space!

Until next time!

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